Health & Wellness

Speaker- Anjali Saraogi

"On December 5th, VoV Anjali Saraogi spoke on ‘Health & Wellness’ for the people at Deloitte, at their Hyderabad office.".

VoV Anjali Saraogi is the fastest Indian woman to complete an ultramarathon of about 89 kilometres between the South African towns of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. She is also a Boston Marathon runner. Her career as an athlete received a major blow when she was injured while preparing for the Chicago Marathon in 2017. The doctors told her that she will not be able to run ever again. But, her determination helped her cross all hurdles as she was back on the road again, to rule. She has been conferred with the Ultra Runner Award by The Athletic Federation of India. Anjali and her husband own a medical diagnostic centre and she is a full-time mother.

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