Motivational Talk Series

Speaker- George Abraham, Ila Arora

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On the 9th of June, our VoVs George Abraham and Ila Arora conducted a #motivational talk series for the National Service Scheme of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasta University.

VoV George Abraham is the CEO of Score Foundation and is known for his significant contributions to empowering visually impaired individuals. In 1990, he launched Cricket for the Blind, a groundbreaking initiative that provided opportunities for visually impaired individuals to participate in the sport. He further demonstrated his commitment to promoting inclusivity by setting up the World Cricket Council as its Founding Chairman in 1996. In recognition of his remarkable efforts, he was honoured as an Ashoka Fellow.

VoV Ila Arora, on the other hand, serves as the Facilities and Administration Head at Oyo. With extensive experience in managing various aspects of office operations, she has a strong background in organisational efficiency. Previously, Ila was head of the Founder's office, where she contributed to streamlining processes and facilitating effective communication.

During the motivational talk series, George Abraham delivered a speech on the topic "Challenges need not impede aspirations." Drawing from his personal experiences and the journey of visually impaired individuals in sports, he inspired the audience to persevere and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Ila Arora spoke on the topic of "Positive Thinking." Leveraging her expertise in organizational efficiency and positive mindset, she shared insights on the power of positive thinking and how it can shape one's personal and professional life.

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